Meet Our Team

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SEE-LA is a 30-year-old mission-driven operator of farmers’ markets in Southern California and a leader in nutrition education and improving food access. We operate six certified farmers’ markets, including our flagship Hollywood Farmers’ Market (since 1991), the largest in the City of Los Angeles. Our network of markets features more than 150 family farms and ranches from 16 agricultural counties across California. Our markets are also home to another 150 local food businesses, many of whom source from their farmer vendor neighbors. To learn more about SEE-LA, go here or follow them on Instagram @seelaorg.
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Sustaina is a software company building platforms and tools to help local producers plan, manage, and track their businesses from start to finish. Our goal is to build useful tools that can help a business grow whether it's e-commerce sales, routing deliveries, or tracking production yields. In addition to building custom websites for farmers' markets and farmers, we also offer our complete toolset free-to-use and get started on our website. To learn more about Sustaina or try it out for yourself, go here or follow them on Instagram @sustainaworld.