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Inside a Nonprofit D2C Online Farmers' Market Program That Helps Local Economies Thrive


Food Access LA formerly known as Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA) is thrilled to unveil its latest initiative “eat!” - a new online ordering platform and mobile app designed to seamlessly connect customers with Farmers Markets across Los Angeles. Food Access LA partnered with local Los Angeles software company, Sustaina, who has had years of experience creating custom online presences for farms, farmers’ markets and food producers. This endeavor represents a pivotal moment in Food Access LA's unwavering commitment to fostering direct producer-to-consumer opportunities for independent farmers and enhancing access to fresh, local food within low-income communities.

The eat! digital platform and app aims to address barriers of access faced by community members who are unable to attend farmers’ markets due to limited transportation options, mobility restrictions, or conflicting personal and work commitments during market hours. “eat! gives farmers and small food vendors both autonomy and community in the digital space that leverages the physical infrastructure of the farmers’ market to meet people where they’re at, scaling food access for communities across Los Angeles and creating new economic opportunities for family farmers and local food entrepreneurs.” says Food Access LA's Director of Operations Elizabeth Bowman.

Shoppers have the option to order goods from multiple participating farmers and food vendors for curbside pick up at the market or delivery to their home or workplace. This new farmers’ market online ordering system is available for use at most Food Access LA run Farmers' Markets, including Hollywood, Echo Park, LA River, Crenshaw, and Compton College. The platform offers pre-order options for a wide range of vendors offering many varieties of regionally grown produce, everyday staples like sourdough bread, eggs, and dips, and ready to eat meals and snacks. Customers can also find highly sought-after vendors, such as Tutti Frutti Farms, JG Berries, Sunrise Organics, Ari's Gourmet Foods, and Tomorrow Bagels, who often have lengthy market queues or sell out early. Food Access LA is currently testing EBT payments as a check-out option for pick-up orders and hopes to eventually be accepted as a SNAP online retailer.

The project is supported by grant funding from the USDA’s Farmers’ Market Promotion Program and the Healthy Food Financing Initiative. The eat! platform can be accessed by computer, tablet, or phone at orderoneat.org, or by downloading the app from theAppleor Google Play store.

About Food Access LA: Food Access LA is a dedicated advocate for regional food sustainability. Food Access LA operates a network of farmers' markets, empowers local farmers and food entrepreneurs, and fosters community well-being through nutrition education and engagement programs.

About Sustaina: Sustaina is a website and app builder for small to medium sized businesses that need custom online presences. Sustaina offers easy-to-use and embeddable business modules that help businesses streamline their operations and get online quickly across multiple channels.

For media inquiries or more information, please contact:
Mary Moon Hernandez - Food Access LA Development and Community Relations Coordinator
Phone: 424-239-6607
Email: Mary@foodaccessla.org
Website: www.foodaccessla.org

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